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HVAC CONTRACTOR IN SAN JOSE CA Expert Heating & Cooling Repairs, Service & Installations. Service Pricebook Available Below.
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Complete Bryant Evolution System, Installation Included.


The Evolution® System
It takes the Evolution® system to achieve comprehensive comfort. The Evolution system is an advanced communicating system, capable of delivering high-efficiency performance and total home comfort in both warm and cold conditions. With an Evolution system, you have more contr...

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Bryant Preferred Series HVAC Bundle


Preferred™ 2-Stage Air Conditioner
Model 127A
Air Conditioning for Both Comfort and Cost Savings
With our two-stage Preferred™ central air conditioner, you can cut your utility bills yet still enjoy reliable whole-home comfort. It’s up to 17.7 SEER rating delivers energy-efficient operation and ...

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A/C on the fritz? Call SVC Now for quick repairs.

Sep 28, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019

‣ Diagnosis of equipment components
‣ Troubleshoot the equipment & evaluate the whole system, including...
‣ Repair or replace the part(s)
‣ Investigate the system thoroughly and explain the reasoning behind the parts failure and how to prevent it from happening again.
‣ Gi...

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Free Nest Products, Installed by a Certified Nest Pro

May 18, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

Free Google Nest Thermostat with purchase of Bryant Air Conditioning system installation.

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Get a Nest Thermostat at no cost. And start saving energy


Saving energy is a beautiful thing, and California is going green!

Are you and your family joining the trend? California is going green! Silicon Valley Comfort will be giving away FREE nest thermostats to homeowners making the upgrade to high-efficiency HVAC equipment.

S.V.C. is your one-stop...

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2 months ago
During the middle of the night on one of the hottest days in the summer, our A/C started blowing warm air. This made it hard to sleep, especially for our one year old. We were lucky to find that Silicon Valley Comfort was actually open 24 hours, unlike other HVAC companies that stated they were 24 hours but only had an answering service . John came right out and was able to diagnose the problem and had the part stocked in his Van. He was very thorough and educated us on the importance of changing our filter more often. We will definitely use them again in the future.
- Calvo B
4 months ago
Silicon Valley Comfort is great to work with and super responsive. Our A/C stopped working on the 100+ degree day. :( I called Silicon Valley Comfort and they got me on the schedule the very next day, even offered to come very late that same evening. Very professional and honest service. I will use them again with no hesitation!!!
- Pam A
2 months ago
Very pleased with their service. My previous contact with John and Nina was last year, when my A/C went out on (naturally) one of the hottest days of the year. I agreed to pay a higher price for an emergency visit, and they were outside working on my compressor at 11:00 pm, with flashlights, until it was fixed. This time around, I wanted to get my furnace cleaned. John quoted a reasonable price for "light maintenance", but said if it looked really bad when he opened it up, I could decide if I wanted to go for the complete overhaul (much more expensive). They ended up being about an hour late, but texted me to let me know, and I knew they were just being extra-thorough on the job before mine, so I was OK with it. John checked the unit, said it didn't look too bad (he didn't try to gouge or upsell me!!), so he did the light maintenance. But what's even better is that he ALSO fixed a rattle that had been going on for several years. Others had tried and either failed, or hacked a tempor...
- Karen N

SVC Technician's Are Available 24 Hours

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Silicon Valley Comfort is an Energy Star Contractor and accredited member of the ACCA

"Very proud"…
The ACCA has recognized Silicon Valley Comfort, LLC as an accredited Quality Assured (QA) Contractor.  

Learn more about us at:

Learn more about our accreditation at:

     Call Silicon Valley Comfort for Free estimates on all New Installations.

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Air Conditioning
  • Full Central Split-System & Duct Designs Following The Guidelines of the Manual J & Manual D Load Calculations  
  • Mini-Split Heat Pumps / Multi Zoning & VRF's (Variable Refrigerant Flow)
  • Air Cleaners & Filtration Systems
  • Air Intakes, Ventilation & HRV's
  •  Variable-Speed & Multi-Zoned Attic Ventilation Systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Wall heaters
  • Floor Heaters
  • and more...


Johnathan Towner- (Owner of Silicon Valley Comfort) Says...
  "When advising property owner's in regards to the heating or cooling equipment that will meet their specific comfort and efficiency needs...
We start with Building Science!"

  "We look to address the crucial issues of mechanical design, rather than pitch sales of the newest or most innovatively advanced HVAC systems, in the hope that it would satisfy your indoor air quality and comfort criteria."

  "I think that being a smaller shop gives us an advantage."  It's an advantage in the required skill and experience levels, which one really must acquire to be in this trade.
  Not having a large workforce and the ability to accumulate a ton of income sounds worse than it is. Because, with a large workforce comes inconsistency: inconsistent skill levels, quality, and overall respect for this trade. 
  With an investment as critical as the heating and cooling installation in someone's home, comes with stress, anxiety, and worrisome families. 
  We want to create a situation for each of our clients that allows them to rest assured. Assured, that things are going as they expect and that their investments are in the right hands.
  Having confidence in a contractor is essential, but it's hard to find a contractor whom you can trust. The contractor might be a great guy. 
 "He must be competent enough in his trade to call himself a contractor, right?"
  However, the facts are, the contractor himself will likely not be on-site, overseeing the operations. Who even knows how skilled his crew of employees are?
  "I'd bet that there are many inconsistencies between them."
  Do you think the average contractor is confident that the employees he hired all have what it takes?
  Does he/she know each of them well enough to count on them from day to day to make the appropriate decisions in the field consistently?
  We want our projects to go smoothly for our clients, without the anxiety that comes during home improvements. It's about offering my customers my respect for their homes, family, and the HVAC trade. 
  Listen, I want to make money, and lots of it, but not the increased stress, and anxiety that comes with it. In the HVAC trade, there are too many companies that are quantity focused, rather than quality. 
  Silicon Valley Comfort is a small family business. It's just my fiance and I. We provide 20 years of experience to our customers.
  We educate each of our clients regarding their home's heating and air conditioning system. We work alongside them, so they can understand what it takes to do these types of projects correctly. We show them how to maintain it all once we're finished. 
   When projects operate with close communication between the homeowners and ourselves, our customers are much more aware of the way the system works. 
  They're also much more mindful in regards to the importance of maintenance, and what it takes to keep their new equipment running as we've designed it.
  Our reputation means more to us than a quick buck. Our customers don't see Silicon Valley Comfort as a money-hungry company. 

 "We all know, most contractors are."  

  However, once they've gotten to know us, our clients feel comfortable working along with us to meet their ultimate goals. 
  While sketching up ideas to accomplish their comfort goals, together we can make the home far more comfortable than they've ever experienced. 
 The majority of the service appointments I get called out to has already had an HVAC company there, and unfortunately, had already gotten sold a bill of goods. 
 Then, of course, (and more often than not), I'll receive a service request to troubleshoot a broken A/C. 
 Then, when questioned about the cause of the A/C failure, such as "Where are your air filters located?" I get the usual reply. "Filters? What filters?".

Q's & A's

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

  •  If you’re thinking about installing or replacing a central air conditioner, you’re probably aware that this is one of the most significant home improvements you can make in terms of comfort. 

  •   On a hot, humid summer day, few amenities add to the quality of life more than central air conditioning.  

  •  In order to install the right size unit, contractors need to know the home’s heating and cooling requirements, based on a variety of factors (e.g., size of the home, type of windows, insulation, etc.).

  •  Leaky ducts can cause health problems and waste the energy savings that new high-efficiency HVAC systems promise. 

  •  Also, if the pipes are too small, they will cause the HVAC system to use more energy while delivering less comfort. Ducts that are too small also may lead to early Equipment failure. 

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

 Will the contractor review the load calculation for your home with you?

  •  Determining heating and cooling loads based on the building’s square footage is inaccurate and inadequate. Also, basing replacement equipment on the size of the original system could lead to problems since the original equipment size may have been incorrect. Selecting a high-efficiency unit is smart. 

  Did the contractor review the equipment installation procedures with you?

  •   Hiring a contractor who will install the unit, so it performs at that high level of efficiency is very smart. It takes great skill and a little extra time to design and test the system to ensure the equipment was installed correctly. 

  •  You should receive the equipment’s operators manual(s) and be shown how to do a few simple things like operating the thermostat and change the air filter.

  Does the contractor have an installation checklist for testing the new equipment? 

  • You should also receive a copy of the checklist used to test, measure, and ensure the system is working as designed and save them in your records. 

 Did the contractor review the condition of your duct system with you?

  • Does this contractor have installers that were also trained to use Manual J Load Calculations and will they be running all the tests necessary to determine proper airflow, static pressures, and perform a duct leak test?

 Are you sure you're hiring a contractor that can properly design the ducting system according to the manufactures specs?

  • Did he promise a ducting system with 5% of air leakage or less? It's an actual requirement now. A 3rd party HERS testing company should be called to test the leakage in order to acquire a building permit from the city building department.  

  Upon job completion, will the contractor sit down and give you all the information you need? 

  • You should receive warranty and maintenance requirements and contact information. 

  • Post-installation measurements are key factors in ensuring your energy savings and guarding your health and safety. 

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