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Posted on Jul 4, 2018

Silicon Valley Comfort

Why not adjust the airflow, wouldn’t that be simpler?

My HVAC contractor says I should add zone dampers to my HVAC system, what are they? A zoned system is one in which areas of the house that differ greatly in temperature are each given their own thermostat. Those thermostats control the temperature in individual rooms or areas by opening and closing dampers that are installed in your air ducts. Those dampers are called zone dampers. Additionally, the thermostat will turn on the HVAC system whenever one or more of the room thermostats is calling for a temperature change.

Why would I need a zone system? In some homes, like single story ranch with an open floor plan, you might not need a zone system. However, most two or more story homes experience temperature differences between the floors, because the heat rises from the lower levels to the higher levels. Additionally, there can be differences between east and west facing rooms based on the position of the sun and the time of day. if you have areas that are hotter or colder than others are, or if you have air drafts that make places uncomfortable, zoning could be the answer.
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